Nov 172005
Authors: Mandy Billings

With the end of the semester looming just four weeks away, many students are ready to head home. The week-long Fall Break, Saturday through Nov. 27, allows students do just that – and just in time for Thanksgiving.

"I think by this point everyone wants to go home, get some food and get away from college for a while," said John Beck, senior mechanical engineering major and Westfall Resident Assistant . "You totally need to get away for a week. I know I need to."

Beck said while the dorms remain open over break for students remaining on campus, everyone on his floor is going home. Dining centers close today at 2 p.m. with most reopening Nov. 27.

"When you live in a room that's 12 feet by 16 feet with another person, you want to get away even if you like them," he said. "I think everyone just needs a week to chill."

For Sarah Rochette, freshman open-option major and Corbett Hall resident , Fall break will be her second time visiting home since August.

"I'm very excited," Rochette said. "I can't wait to spend time with my family."

In addition to seeing her family in Colorado Springs, Rochette said she is looking forward to catching up with friends.

"I've made some really good friends in the dorms, but I'm excited to see my old friends and see if they've changed at all," she said.

Beck and Rochette said they were especially eager for a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal.

"I think it's a combination of coming home and getting really good food," said Beck, who is spending the break with his parents in New Mexico. "Everyone's excited for the food."

"I'm definitely looking forward to the cranberries," Rochette said. "I always like to take a nap after I finish eating all that food. It's my own little tradition."

Chris Walters, junior theater major and New Mexico native , won't let staying in Fort Collins keep him from a big Thanksgiving dinner.

"I'm buying a turkey. I'm cooking an entire six person meal for myself and eating it for the rest of the week," Walters said. "I'm having my own personal feast."

Walters said staying connected to his family doesn't mean spending heaps of money to travel home.

"Holidays don't mean much to me," Walters said. "The emotions and ideas expressed should be expressed year round."

While his family would like him at home for Thanksgiving, Walters said they weren't upset by his absence.

"The next time I'm home we'll have a big feast," Walters said. "I have lots of homework to do over break anyway."

Beck said he believes that students who, like Walters, plan on doing schoolwork over the break are in the minority.

"No one's going to do homework," Beck said. "I'm not going to do homework. I think that's the point – you get to slack off for a week and not feel bad."

Rochette agreed the hiatus from classes and homework was necessary.

"Breaks are really important," Rochette said. "It'll be a big relief to go home and just not worry about anything."

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