Nov 172005

Dear Editor,

I thought that Mr. Blumberg's article "Sensitivity Anyone" was eye-catching, but ironic.

The irony: he didn't realize that his column bred insensitivity by talking about his co-worker and letting her know about his opinion through an article. Anyone "insensitive" is a person who believes someone else "deserves" a piece of her/his mind, or can share his/her opinion without any regards for that person's feelings. Righteousness breeds insensitivity.

Colleagues deserve respect and professionalism from each other. To stop insensitivity, one must make sensible comments so as to put a halt to the cycle of hurt one creates with their words. The article brought up a very overlooked and underestimated subject, but a co-worker should have not been attacked through the same means that made the "Sensitivity Article" possible. Yes, you were right, you wrote "something as insensitive as she did."

G. Rodriguez


chemical engineering

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