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Nov 162005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The Fort Collins City Council's three-unrelated rule is discriminatory.

It's discriminatory against students and it's discriminatory against those who do not believe in marriage or who are not legally allowed to marry – including homosexuals.

There's no way around it. Public university students, who are often struggling with tuition alone and count on cheap housing costs, comprise about a fifth of the city's population. Council members who are supposed to represent us are making it clear: We aren't welcome. Or, maybe, we are. But just on the other side of the tracks.

It isn't as if CSU fell out of the sky last year and has since been a burden and a drain on the formerly Utopian surrounding city. And it isn't as if the businesses in the area – who pay taxes and fund the budget of the very city council that is attacking us – aren't surviving and thriving off students' cash.

Many students will have less to spend in the wake of this move, and "Shopping Fort Collins" might be a little bit tougher. But our City Council isn't thinking this far ahead – rather, its members are focused more on concerns that roving bands of noisy partiers will flock, moth-like, to homes inhabited by more than three unrelated people.

Is it a health or safety issue? No. We could understand – and even agree – if the City Council wanted to prevent 20 people sleeping on the floor of a one-bedroom shanty, smuggler-style. But that's obviously not the case here.

Unless a home meets the criteria of a "boarding house," even if it has eight bedrooms, only three unrelated people can live there at a time. And even then, boarding houses can only be located in certain areas.

We call on local business owners to join active students and landlords in battling this ordinance before it takes its unfortunate effect. The business community has a lot more to lose from this new law than it might immediately see.

Think reasonably, Fort Collins. CSU made this city what it is – you knew students would be here when you moved in – and we always will be here.

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