Nov 162005

The article published Nov. 16 about enforcement of the three-unrelated ordinance exemplified the attitude of Fort Collins residents toward college students and renters: discrimination.

Councilman Kurt Kastein said there is room for families and those related, but not for those unrelated. Being a young adult who is not married makes students or low-income individuals not good enough to live next to Mr. Kastein.

Most proponents believe enforcement will cause a decline in problems such as noise, trash and unkempt housing. This is based on an assumption that living with more than three-unrelated individuals causes bad behavior. According to Citizens for Responsible Housing, in 2004 only 480 of the 850 noise violation tickets were issued to college students. If nearly half of noise violations are not going to the largest group of violators of the ordinance, how will enforcement cause a decline in this behavior? Somehow, students and renters are getting the blame.

Corona Research, Inc. also found that 52 percent of people living in violator homes fall below the poverty line and enforcement of the ordinance will cause violators to pay an average of $100 more in rent each month.

This decision shows the government cares more about segregating neighborhoods than pushing residents further into poverty based on unjustified assumptions. Is that a decision residents can be proud of?

Holly Bookman



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