Nov 162005
Authors: Danielle Yuthas

The Great Christmas Hall is worth its free admission. The Lincoln Center houses tree displays for all to walk through and enjoy. The exhibit touts Christmas spirit. It is nothing spectacular or expensive; just a glimpse of holiday cheer.

Nean Trumbaur, event volunteer, said it is important to "get people to think Christmas." What a great way for people to find new decorating ideas and get ready for the holiday season, she said.

Each company involved, from card shops to florists, puts up displays of different themes. The most elaborate being a multicolored, feather-flaunting, Mardi Gras theme with decorated birds. One tree was striking but simple, decked in turquoise garland to a Southwestern style. The exhibit was not tree-exclusive. It included visual instruction on holiday table setting. And Christmas decor would not be complete without quaint Christmas villages.

The exhibit is just enough to sustain holiday lovers until the long-awaited Thanksgiving break.

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