Nov 152005
Authors: James Baetke

A Fort Collins neighborhood is barking over whether to ban pit bulls, even though the dogs are legal to own in the city.

The residents of Willow Springs have by early December to decide if they want to allow pit bulls to stay in the neighborhood.

"We would like to keep our kids safe," said Barbara Frye, who lives on the same block as one of the pit bulls. "We have kids running through the neighborhood all the time."

Willow Springs' homeowners association has the ability to mandate the change of many things, such as fences, the color of a home or the exiling of any breed of dog from its neighborhood.

Sixty-seven percent of the neighborhood must vote yes to ban the pit bulls. If the measure passes, Willow Springs would be the first community in Fort Collins to ban the breed.

Jessica Kirkes, a pit bull owner in the neighborhood, would rather move than get rid of her pit bull.

"I just think that when you have a dog, you of course have to be protective, but we're raising him the right way and I don't feel its their right to tell us what we can and can't have in our own home," Kirkes told KCNC-CBS4.

The board of directors that oversees rules and regulations within the covenant say they are impartial to the measure, but want to leave the decision to homeowners.

Of the 460 homes in Willow Springs, 309 of them would have to vote the measure in before it would take effect.

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