Nov 152005
Authors: Trevor Edy

Who better to judge the professional prospects on the Rams, than former NFL scout and current CSU wide-receivers coach Marc Lubick.

Even though the 2006 NFL Draft is several months away, scouts have scouted college players around the country all season. This season a few CSU Rams are getting some attention at the next level.

Senior quarterback Justin Holland has been mention as one of the premier quarterbacks in the '06 draft. Sporting News, a nationally recognized sports magazine, has mentioned Holland with college football's elite quarterbacks. With his true pocket passer mentality and his arm strength; scouts drool at Holland's potential to be an NFL quarterback.

Although Holland has had great numbers over a couple years as a Ram, he couldn't have done it without senior wide-out Dave Anderson who has set school career records in receptions and yards in his senior campaign.

"The main thing with Dave is his productivity, he'll be productive as any receiver on that level," said Lubick

All 5-foot 10-inches of him, Anderson has become one of the countries top receivers in the nation and has established himself as one the best receivers to ever come through the Mountain West Conference.

"He's a guy who can make plays, and that's what those guys look for," he said. Lubick also mentioned Anderson versatility that makes him very attractive to NFL scouts.

"He will be able to play all four receiver positions," said Lubick.

CSU's current offensive line is showcasing three lineman that many scouts have been watching for several weeks.

Seasoned stand-outs Albert Bimper and Mike Briesel headline the seniors being searched out by pro teams.

"Guys that big and that athletic are going to attract some people," said Lubick. "Albert is are most athletic guy, and can really move."

Briesel is currently out with a leg injury that may hurt his stock in the draft.

"If someone gives him a chance, he will show what he's got," said the 27-year-old coach.

Someone who may has been off the radar to some Ram fans is offensive lineman Brandon Alconcel. Even though Alconcel has only started one year, scouts have really started to lock onto to the 6-foot-4 285 pound lineman.

"He is an athletic and tough kid, that is hard to find in a lineman," said Lubick.

So when you are watching ESPN in 163 days, don't be surprised to see a couple Rams walk up to that podium on draft day.

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