Nov 142005
Authors: Katie Kelley

The Bas Bleu Theatre Company presents:

Poetry and Prose

Special readings by: Anne Macdonald and Mary Crow

Today at 7:30 p.m.

Free to the public

401 Pine St.

(970) 498-8949

Making her way through the crowd of students inside the Morgan Library at CSU, Anne Macdonald stops to say good morning to a coworker at the reference desk. She smiles, brushing off the raindrops beading on her black coat.

She combs her fingers through her auburn hair attempting to straighten flyaway strands freed by the dampness in the air outside. In the cozy office where she resides four days of the week, Macdonald tries to summarize her life, which has been one venture after another.

"You never think how your life is going to turn out, you never do," Macdonald said.

Macdonald's recent endeavor includes reading two of her fiction short stories at Bas Bleu Theatre along with Mary Crow, Colorado poet laureate, today at 7:30 p.m.

"It's in the Bas Bleu Theatre," Macdonald said. "It's a nice, intimate atmosphere, and there's always a nice set because they have plays going on all the time."

Her two fiction stories have appeared in two separate publications.

"[The stories are] both about loss – intergenerational loss," Macdonald said.

Macdonald has been writing seriously for almost 10 years. Although she was once a grant writer, she now works on fictional short stories and fictional novels in her spare time. She had a book published titled, "A Short Time in Luxembourg," which portrays the personal conflicts surrounding a "plagiarizing professor," MacDonald said.

A lot of Macdonald's stories come out of her past experiences, which she uses as inspiration.

"It's [ideas] maybe from my past. It's from experiences I've had and I've always been an observer of people," Macdonald said. "I always have stories in my head, all the time – ever since I was little."

Macdonald is privileged in that her first short story, written in 1997, was published almost immediately.

"It was actually my first short story I ever wrote, it was the first story I had ever sent out," Macdonald said.

She works part time as a reference librarian in order to focus more on her writing career, which has already helped her get another book written and ready to be published. But Macdonald continually works on refining her abilities as a writer.

"I don't believe in writer's block," Macdonald said. "I believe you have these little spells where you kind of just dry out for a while but if you just keep writing then something will come to you."

Macdonald feels the process of freelancing her short stories is daunting, yet the rewards pay off in the end.

"It's a lot of hard work," she said. "In journals if you want a short story published you've really got to read the journal."

Macdonald will continue to pursue her career in writing and with a little luck, she will continue to accomplish her goals.

"It just takes a little luck," she said.

Read Macdonald's full story in Thursday's edition of The Verve.

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