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Nov 142005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Students and community members have been battling one another for nearly a year regarding enforcement of the three-unrelated rule.

The victor of that battle may be made clear today when the Fort Collins City Council votes on the Land Use Code and multiple other ordinances.

Stronger enforcement of the three-unrelated rule would result in the individuals living in violation houses – houses with more than three unrelated persons – to find alternative housing. Substantial rent increases would follow for many students, causing more economic hardship.

Many community members in favor of stricter enforcement of the rule voiced their concerns at previous City Council meetings. Such concerns include noise violations, parties, poor house and yard maintenance, parking congestion on streets and a lack of neighborhood involvement.

The reasons offered by the community stereotype college students as irresponsible and rowdy. If the changes pass to the Land Use Code, affordable housing for students and other impoverished Fort Collins citizens would be difficult to find and the stereotype would be reinforced.

However, a compromise may be struck. Another issue City Council must place its vote upon regards boarding houses, which would provide a cheaper living alternative for students. Boarding houses would be limited to certain zones within the cities and would house four or more people.

This is an issue that students should be concerned about. So show up at 6 p.m. tonight at 300 Laporte Ave. Show City Council and community members that students care about more than partying.

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