How rude!

Nov 132005

Have I lost my mind? Since when does having manners prove disadvantageous to communicating with people? Maybe I'm just overreacting, but I've been noticing how rude people on this campus can be. If you hold a door for a girl, she'll walk right through without even managing a simple thank you. Sometimes I can't help myself by saying after you, princess!

Oh, and don't you dare make eye contact with a girl when she walks by. You simply don't have the right to behold her magnificence!

Get over yourselves! What do you think makes you so much damn better than everyone else?

By the way, if there are any genuinely sweet girls out there, feel free to let me know who you are. Honestly, the snobs here who think their sh*t don't stink are giving you all a bad name!


Tommy Herrera



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