For Rams who like to rant

Nov 132005

Can I just say how downhill this paper has gone. Everyday there was a Ramrant. Everyday there was News of the Weird. I am so sick of reading opinion articles by columnists that have decided not to do any investigative journalism on things in the community or actual things that matter to the student body, instead of the joyous bits of Ramrant in the Collegian. I am also tired of reading the ravings of people who write in to the editor to piss and moan about some columnists' opinions. I think I would not be alone in saying…give back the Ramrant. These pointless phrases and random thoughts give many people a chance to turn off their brains and laugh. So please, I behoove you to return our splendid Ramrant.

Sincerely a Ram that is Ranting….

Tambyr Reed

music education


Editor's note: Ramrant, otherwise known as Ram Talk, is still published in the paper on Tuesdays and Fridays. To submit something to Ram Talk e-mail or call (970) 491-3656. Submissions are published anonymously, but please leave your name and phone number so we can verify the message.

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