Nov 132005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Anyone who took part in one of the seemingly infinite Jude Law movies released last year, particularly those in "Closer" and "Alfie" have a hard time redeeming them for me.

With his role as Dwight in "Sin City" it will be hard for Clive Owen to ever drop below the bar again, especially with his return in "Sin City 2" just beyond the horizon. Before Dwight graces the screen again however, he's got a couple other roles to play, including Charles Shine in this weekend's release of "Derailed."

Charles is a successful business executive whose marriage is seemingly going the way of the average all-work-no-play family man, kerplunk. Even his daughter Deanna has noticed they're not even kissing each other goodbye in the morning anymore. What a shame. Well, Chucky's mind wanders, as someone's will in such situations, and he takes kindly to a heavenly Jennifer Aniston as she covers his train fare on one unfortunate morning.

As you can probably guess, within minutes the two married folk are going at it like ravenous beasts in a scummy hotel room when an armed man sneaks into the room, holding the two at gun point, taking their money and endlessly raping the terrified Aniston. Just when the two thought it was safe to go on with their lives, the rapist calls Charles, demanding his family's life savings in return for his survival.

I've got to give props to Vincent Cassel first and foremost, not because his role as the rapist is anything spectacular, but it's far better than his part as the villain in "Ocean's Twelve." If he does any more movies where he ridiculously dances through a massive room full of lasers and security devices, I'll swear his flicks off forever. Another amazing accomplishment of Cassel's is his ability to be such a badass gun-wielding fool, with the ultimate gun-wielding fool, Xzibit, as his partner in crime.

The story is an entertaining one, and throws you for a loop in several places, especially with the semi-expected mind twister there at the end; but still seemed a little bland. There doesn't seem to be much offered as far as emotional attachment to the characters, and there isn't really any obvious message or point to the story.

"Derailed" doesn't do much to stray from a formulaic ransom-note flick, except there's hidden sexual scandal and a diabetic daughter thrown into the mix. It's one of those flicks where all anyone talks about on the way out is what to do once the parking lot is behind you.

2 out of 5 ramheads

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