An apology to our readers

Nov 132005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It has come to the attention of myself and the Collegian's editorial staff that an article published in Thursday's edition of the Verve contained numerous factual errors and was presented in a deceptive manner.

The article, "Rocky Mountain Music Festival treats music lovers," implied a first-person perspective when in fact no reporter attended the event. In addition, the names of performers, location of events and titles of works and events were attributed to a like-named festival, which was held in 2003, not last week. To be specific:

  • The title of the event was listed as "Rocky Mountain Music Festival," when, in fact, it was titled "Rocky Mountain Contemporary Music Festival."
  • The featured guest was listed as David Baker, when in fact it was distinguished guest composer David Maslanka.
  • The Monday concert was said to have taken place in the Music Building Concert Hall when, in fact, it was held at the new Griffin Concert Hall located at the University Center for the Arts.
  • The Tuesday concert was said to have occurred at the Lory Student Center when, in fact, it was held at the Griffin Concert Hall.
  • Barbara Thiem was said to have performed a rendition of Baker's "Singers of Song-Weavers of Dreams" when, in fact, this did not occur and the correct title is, "Singers of Songs-Weavers of Dreams."

I assure the readers of the Collegian that no one is taking this incident more seriously than myself and the editors and employees of the paper. We strive to ensure our reporters provide our readers a fair, accurate and honest account of what has occurred. Upon learning of this obvious failing, I would like to ensure you, our readers, that the Collegian editorial board and I have taken appropriate actions towards the reporter and editors responsible, in line with the company's disciplinary guidelines.

Further, I personally apologize to the students, faculty, community members and performers who participated in the Rocky Mountain Contemporary Music Festival. We will learn from this failure and continue to strive to provide the best possible source of news and events to CSU and the surrounding community.

JP Eichmiller

Editor in chief

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