Nov 102005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

10. Watching coach Sonny Lubick get his 100th win, cementing him as one of the NCAA's great coaches.

9. A running game – and running back – that make us remember the glory days of Cecil The Diesel.

8. A third jersey that looks like solid gold, and we love goooldddd!

7. David Anderson's hands

6. A goal line stand that will go down as one of the best defensive stops in Ram history.

5. Justin Holland and the Howitzer canon that is his right arm.

4. A senior class-especially Holland and Anderson – with enough talent to play on Sundays.

3. We shot down the Flyin' Falcons and improved our wardrobe with The Boot.

2. A good chance we will be able to go bowling over Winter Break-and get a win wrapped in green and gold.

1. Going to Hughes Stadium and walking out with a win — every time.


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