Runners head to Utah

Nov 102005
Authors: Nate Ramos

With the possibility of a national championship on the line, CSU cross country will journey to Provo, Utah to participate in the NCAA regional.

To get to the NCAA national championship, CSU must get a win this weekend.

"After our performance at the Mountain West Conference championship, we enhanced our position by beating Air Force," said head coach Del Hessel.

"Regionals are the most important race of the year," said Rob Watson. "We need to race well there. If we race well then we can accomplish our top goal of going to nationals."

To get to nationals, the CSU men must beat Air Force.

"Beating Air Force is huge, we just need to beat them next race and it is almost a sure thing to regionals," Watson said.

Beating Air Force is not anything new to CSU.

"Our mindset for the last week has been what we need to do to get to nationals," said Watson. "At regionals we have a lot of competition we need to focus on, teams that should be a challenge are BYU, CU, Weber, Air Force and several others."

The men's cross country team is not the only team that must win.

"When we go to regionals, women need to beat No. 13 Northern Arizona University," Hessel said. "If we do race we can still qualify."

To qualify, the women need to run well.

"I am not overly disappointed with the women and how they performed at the MWC, they only got beat by one point out of second place," Hessel said. "Those things happen, in a four mile race a lot of things can go wrong you have to pay attention to who you are passing."

Another issue CSU must take on is their finishing as a team. Throughout the season, CSU has had difficulties finishing within close proximity to one another. For the women, they must beat NAU, and that will be a challenge in itself. Women have had the same issue all season long. Getting consistent finishes from several of their women has been an issue. Kirstein Anthony, April Thomas and Danielle Korb have all finished first this season leaving no definitively strong racer for the female team.

The NCAA Regional will take place Saturday. If CSU performs well and qualifies for nationals, they will get a chance at the national title on Nov. 21 in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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