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Nov 102005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Referendum C's proponents have been touting the measure's passing as the state's salvation – particularly that of higher education.

Is this true? We do agree it's a very large step in the right direction.

However, this does not mean taxpayer dollars can be spent freely. As advocates of the referendum's opponents warned, some of the problem is that the government just needs to tighten its belt.

Take, for instance, the audit the Collegian has obtained that details "fiscal irresponsibility" in the University Counseling Center.

Whose money are they being irresponsible with?

Taxpayer money. Our money. The very money our state claims to lack.

The voters of Colorado passed Referendum C – a smart move, we agree. Much-needed funding should now give Colorado and its programs a little more breathing room.

But the voters never gave the government permission to be irresponsible.

Government at all levels – including the CSU administration – answers to the taxpayers.

Like the whistleblower at UCC, we encourage those in the know to report the misspending of our money, and we urge CSU officials to examine other departments.

On Election Day, we put more trust in the government. We demand to be shown – continuously – that the government deserves this trust.

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