Nov 102005
Authors: Collegian Staff

Though the recent election has thrust marijuana into the national spotlight, some students feel the progression is only natural.

One CSU expert, however, says that not everything natural is good – and marijuana is no exception.

"Nature is just nature. Some things we like and some things we don't," said Jim Weber, the clinical coordinator for the DAY (Drugs, Alcohol and You) Program said. "Avian flu is natural, and that's not going to be good either."

Though marijuana is not physically addictive, he said it is psychologically addictive.

"Addiction is addiction is addiction," he said. "To me, it's comparing apples to oranges. It's kind of like asking is strychnine better than arsenic? … They're trying for these absolutes and I don't think there are absolutes when it comes to human nature."

Most students in the Lory Student Center were not severely opposed to pot, or didn't believe it to be harmful.

"I believe that alcohol is much more overused and abused than marijuana," said sophomore math major Jennifer Fronapfel.

Another student said she won't be affected by the law either way.

"If you're going to legalize it, just legalize it," said Abby Larsen, a music education freshman. "By and large, it's pretty harmless. … It depends on how you use it. If you're 16 and using it to get away from the world, it's not OK."

She said that similar to drinking, moderation is key.

Marijuana advocacy groups say drinking is much more dangerous than smoking marijuana.

Weber said the university also punishes underage drinkers and thus is not "out to get potheads."

"Any time you're messing with the brain, you're messing with the brain and I think you have to be careful about that," Weber said. "But it also feels really good so you're not really thinking about that."

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