Hey you party animals!

Nov 102005

Imagine this. It's Saturday night, the game is over, and you're ready to go out and party. You've got everything covered: a great outfit, awesome friends and good times ahead. The night goes well, and now you figure it's time to head on home. Then it hits you; you realize the one thing you forgot to do was "86" yourself and designate a sober driver for you and your friends. Now you're in trouble. Then, you remember you have Ramride! The best way to get home quickly and safely. The service is provided through Associated Students of CSU for free to students on Thursday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. during the regular school season (no holidays).

The drivers consist of students from CSU organizations and also volunteers, who are extensively trained on defensive driving, first aid and drug and alcohol awareness. Each vehicle in the Ramride program is clean and in working order and has one male and one female volunteer. Ramride is great because the program provides rides for you without any judgment on age or on the reason for being picked up, and the program also makes the streets of Fort Collins much safer. Last weekend members of the Sigma Chi Fraternity (Beta Tau chapter) and other volunteers did an excellent job answering phone calls and driving fellow students back home safely from parties around the Fort Collins area. Next weekend, volunteers could be from another student organization or could even be you.

This nonprofit service is very nice for students of CSU. And every student should have the number in his or her phone, even if he or she doesn't plan on using it. (970) 491-3333.

Andy Kotulak




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