Can a girl earn man points?

Nov 102005
Authors: Jenna Lynn Ellis

Have you seen the ads for the new Chipotle salad?

So as to not be immediately scorned as a little girl's entree by the "real men don't eat salads" club, Chipotle cleverly designed a game called "man points" and is selling the idea that eating this salad will actually gain you man points instead of taking them away.

We all know this is a desperate marketing attempt on Chipotle's part so that half the population won't automatically be disqualified from consuming their new menu option.

In the words of "Friends" Joey Tribbiani (explaining how Rachel has such an aversion to pickles), he said, "Giving her pickles is like giving me… salad."

Stated like a man's man, Joey.

He has a point, and while I still think salads as an entree are for dainty girls (such as myself), I thought the whole "man points" thing was really hilarious, like getting plus 150 man points for detailing your car or putting together your friend's stereo system, etc.

This is of course a concept that can be converted into other such plus man points activities… such as the following I earned over the course of the week:

Winning a game of poker against four guys (plus 500 man points for Jenna).

Single-handedly assembling a vacuum from box to "on" (plus 200 man points for Jenna).

Using the appropriate screwdriver while assembling said vacuum ("extra point" man point for Jenna).

Yep, I was proud of my little girl self.

The moral of the story? Even a girl can acquire plus man points while still eating salads as entrees. So maybe it's OK for guys to earn plus healthy salad points without fearing they'll endanger their man's "man points" masculinity.

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