To the Editor:

Nov 092005

In my four years at CSU, I have noticed a decline in the quality of the Collegian. The content as well as simple mechanics have fallen to a level that shouldn't be coming from college-educated journalists.

The opinion page has been reduced to little more than an arena for partisan squabbling. That is why RamRant was the most popular part of the paper and I personally skip most of the paper and head for "The Boondocks" and the crossword puzzle. It seems the journalists are relying too much on spell-check than the careful proofing of an editor. The article on Nov. 9 about Kyle Bell netting $750, for example,

starts with two paragraphs that are grammatical nightmares, which is the cause for this letter.

I know putting out a daily newspaper is hard work and I commend the people who do it, but a little attention to detail and some acknowledgement of the level of intelligence of the readers will bring the Collegian back to the respectable paper I know it can be.

Bryce Egan

senior, Turf Management

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