Nov 092005
Authors: Danielle Yuthas

Classic opera style meets parody in "Suor Angelica" and "A Stoned Guest." Each of these one-act plays had an entirely different feel.

"Suor Angelica" focused on the raw emotion of a nun separated from her son and later finds out he is dead. In order to join him in Heaven, she poisons herself. Her torment is accentuated when she realizes suicide is a mortal sin. Will the reunion in Heaven ever happen? The story was dramatic and emotionally charged.

For those who may not frequent the opera, at first it is difficult to go between reading the English subtitles, listening to the music and watching the action on stage, but as the story progressed doing so becomes effortless.

In contrast to "Suor Angelica," "A Stoned Guest" was a witty and whimsical spoof on traditional opera. Presented in English, the characters have names like Carmen Ghia.

"A Stoned Guest" encompassed all that one would expect from an opera-love, death, competition and the like while casting a humorous light on the plot. The characters worry about how to get out of the forest when along comes the center of comic relief, a large Saint Bernard to the rescue, but then things go awry.

This unique juxtaposition can be taken at face value or studied for further satire.

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