Nov 092005
Authors: Melissa Edwards

Beginning in fall 2007, CSU will implement a new core curriculum to coincide with the Guaranteed Transfer Pathways program, a statewide curriculum that allows students to do intrastate transfers to any public institution of higher education in Colorado without losing core credits.

The statewide curriculum change will begin in fall 2006, but CSU will not implement changes until the following year in order to ease the university into the changes, said Alan Lamborn , vice provost for CSU and a member of the University Curriculum Committee.

"Nobody that is here now will be affected by this unless it turns out to be the case that in meeting the requirements for new people, we have created something that is easier for continuing people to meet," he said. "The proverbial bottom line is continuing students will be protected."

Carole Makela, graduate program coordinator, professor of education and CSU chair for the University Curriculum Committee , said the gtPathways program is being implemented statewide because the Colorado Commission of Higher Education (CCHE) asked all higher education institutions to comply with a core in order to alleviate intrastate transfer problems.

During spring 2005, CSU President Larry Penley signed on to CCHE's gtPathways program, so now each college is in the process of reevaluating its core courses.

"The primary thing that it means to CSU is that (incoming freshmen in fall 2007) will have to take three more credits of arts and humanities," Makela said.

Makela also said each institution is working on its own to make changes in the core curriculums. Some classes may change, but that is left up to each department within each of the Colorado higher education institutions.

The curriculum committee met Monday, but nothing final was submitted to CCHE regarding core curriculum changes.

"Some of the colleges wanted more time to work with their departments to have adequate information to bring back. Right now, it is a question of 'how are we going to do this?'" she said. "Some credits may not fit into a particular slot right now."

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