Nov 082005
Authors: Scott Bondy

I have no choice but to applaud the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Terrell Owens the boot. It's not just the fact they are done with him, but the fact they did it in such an outstanding way.

T.O. will take a four game TO (without pay) and then be inactive (besides all the crunches he'll be doing in his driveway).

Owens will lose in excess of $800,000 for the suspension, not to mention a huge contract he has cried for, (literally), and will never see.

For the lack of a better word, T.O. is a cancer. Sure, he has many talents, but at the top of the list would have to be "team wrecker." Everywhere he goes, he causes trouble, can't get along with his quarterback and runs his mouth until they ask him to leave.

He didn't just run his mouth this time. He tried to fight his teammates. Honestly Terrell, you are a punk and a waste of talent.

Give me one reason the Eagles NEED Owens. That's right, you can't. They didn't need him last year when they reached the Super Bowl without him. They didn't need him this year, because I'm pretty sure they could be 4-4 without him. The best receiver in the NFL is simply not needed.

I don't understand why the guy won't change; just give up a little of his ego. If you don't believe his ego is too big, check out the official Web site I promise you a good laugh.

Owens issued an apology Tuesday, of course on his terms (he was asked to do so by Saturday), and begged for another chance. I can't think of a single reason to give the guy a second chance.

Because of his talent, he will (unfortunately) be back next year. He will most likely put up big numbers. He will most likely yell at his quarterback and/or coach. And he will most likely get the boot again.

But with T.O. now looking for work, let's take a close look at what his resume looks like.

Terrell Eldorado (isn't that a car?) Owens

Born: Dec. 7, 1973 in Alexander City, Ala.

Nickname: T.O.

Work history:

San Francisco 49ers (1996 – 2003) – Dropped a lot of catchable balls early on but somehow in 2000, started catching them.

Danced on the star at Texas Stadium in a disrespectful way. Got laid out by ex-Cowboy George Teague.

Unable to act mature; couldn't get along with pro-bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia.

Refused to play for Baltimore Ravens after being traded.

Ended up in Philly

Philadelphia Eagles (2004- Present, well kinda) – Started off with a cheap shot to ex-quarterback Jeff Garcia by implying he was gay.

Played pretty well, then got hurt.

Donovan told media the Eagles didn't need me in order to win. That hurt my feelings.

Helped the Eagles lose Super Bowl, but played well. (Clarification- I don't mean helped as in caused. Came back from injury to help the team win, but didn't. Everyone helped lose, even Donovan; he was tired.)

Didn't feel like talking to Donovan but then decided to. I do what's best for me, ya know.

Got in fight with ex- Eagle Hugh Douglas. Anyone else want a piece?

Alright. So I'll need a job in March. Hit me up.

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