Nov 082005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

OK, for the purposes of this article I'm going to transform myself into a green-and-black-bleeding Philadelphia Eagles fan. You ready? Here I go.


Yes. Now, do you know how I feel? I feel betrayed. I feel like the organization I've spent my life worshiping has turned their back on me.

Terrell Owens is an idiot. When his career is over I think we should put him in a glass cage and charge people to see him. There will be a T.O. gift shop that sells "I survived T.O" t-shirts, next to the "Don't feed T.O." sign.

Regardless of my personal feelings on him though, I jump out of my chair and tango with my golden retriever every time he finds the end zone for my Eagles.

See, it's been a rough season for me so far. After coming within one game of being the Super Bowl Champs last year, my beloved Eagles are 4-4 and might not make the playoffs for the first time in six years. My quarterback has been battling with a sports hernia all season. My running back averages 25 yards per game. The wall next to my television has six holes in it to match the six broken bones in my right hand.

Owens was the one ray of light in my otherwise dark Eagles world. I know he tried to take on the entire team in the locker room, but you know what? I didn't have to put up with that. To be honest, I don't care what you guys do during the week. All I care about are the magical Sundays where I (used to) see you win.

The worst part is you knew what you were getting yourself in to, but you're still acting surprised. This is T.O. He has his own theme music for crying out loud. The last quarterback to throw balls at Owens (no pun intended) he publicly labeled a homosexual. You should be happy with his relationship with Donovan.

But now after T.O has gone and acted like T.O., you're deactivating him to save face for your program – and in the process throwing our season away. And don't give me the crap about how you're better off without him. Losing a player worth 763 receiving yards so far this year, 53 percent of the number put up by all your wide receivers combined, doesn't make you better.

Yes, the country is on your side. Forty-four percent of respondents on an poll said we should exile Owens to France. Ha ha, that's very funny and all, but what about us Philadelphians? You know, the ones who pay the $7 for a beer that goes to the $3.25 million base salary you're going to pay to the healthy T.O to sit out the second half of the season.

I think you need to practice what you preach and think about whose interests you had in mind with this one. By cutting Owens you did what was best for the team's image, the players' patience and the country's moral conscience. The one you forgot – me – should have meant the most. But hey, there's always next year right?

Brett Okamoto is the Collegian's sports editor.

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