Nov 062005

I am writing concerning your article on Nov. 2. I am mostly responding to your comment, "I hope you'll at least lose that obnoxiously huge cowboy belt buckle for the sanity of America. Please, it's embarrassing."

I'm sure you've never competed in a rodeo; you might not have even watched one before. But I'm sure if you knew half of what it took to win one of those "obnoxiously huge cowboy belt buckles" you wouldn't make such a statement.

I understand you probably don't know what it takes to earn one, so you're just really ignorant on the whole situation; but for many people in this great nation a belt buckle is a sign of pride. It is something you earn, not something you go to Wal-Mart and buy. Some people wear belt buckles that have been passed down from their father or grandfather. Do you still think they should take those off? I mean, since you don't think it looks cool and everything.

And for many people, like the ones who know what it takes to get one, it's often something people will tip their hat to. If you want to hate Texas, that's your right, and if you want to hate the look of a belt buckle, that's your right too.

But do you think you would make that comment when you're standing face to face with a cowboy that just EARNED one of those belt buckles you like to criticize? If rodeo isn't your thing, and you don't like the cowboy look, that's perfectly fine, but just know that not all of America is behind you when you want people to do away with the belt buckles.

Vance McCormick


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