Nov 062005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Children's animated movie lovers unite. If children's flicks with hidden adult humor throughout are your bag, the newest "Chicken Little" is one you'll want to check out.

Chicken Little embarrassed her family back in the day after an acorn fell on her head, terrifyingly proving to her that the sky was falling. After alerting the town and causing havoc to break loose because of a little measly gravity Little is shunned by the town. This is where the movie picks up, as sort of a story after the story, only it seems they forgot Little was a girl, either that or they give sex changes a little earlier than most in the town of Oakey Oaks.

Either way, Little's a boy and he's finally redeemed his reputation with the town by scoring the winning run for Oakey Oaks middle school, their first pennant since Little's father Buck Cluck did the same twenty years earlier. Not only has the town fallen in love with him, his father has finally lost all of the saddening disrespect he gave to his poor mistaken son.

It can't stop there though, what's a kid's movie without conflict and character-evaporating laser beams? Next thing Little knows what appears to be a piece of the sky actually does fall on his head, which turns out to actually be a piece of the bottom of a cloaked alien ship! The ship lands, the "War of the Worlds" mocking aliens emerge, and the evaporating ensues. Now it's up to the motley crew of Little, Abbey Mallard, Runt of the Litter, and Fish Out of Water to make peace with the three-eyed monsters and save Oakey Oaks.

The I-can-handle-every-aspect-of-a-movie "Garden State" wonder, Zach Braff lends his vocal chords to Little and does as good of a job as you can say a voice-over does I suppose. Another voice you may recognize is the ol' fall back voice-over master Wallace Shawn, maybe most recognizable as Rex from "Toy Story."

It would be fan-freakin-tastic to be involved in the making of a children's movie these days. The amount of hidden stuff you could toss in is infinite and these guys proved it. Look for "King Kong," "Alien," and "Star Wars" references strewn throughout. The only somewhat disappointing reference was to the new "War of the Worlds" flick, the alien ships are identical to the claw.

"Chicken Little" is just an overall great time, and at only eighty-one minutes, perfect for baby-sitters with attention lacking children. Just make sure they look below them as they crawl over the seats, someone may be sitting there.

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