Nov 032005

10. Because as lame as an Air Force Falcon is, birds eat frogs.

9. Like frogs, do TCU students pee in your palm when you pick them up?

8. Because UNLV bequeathed their title as weakest mascot to them last season.

7. Come on, Texas is the largest state in the U.S.! Is Horned Frog really the best you can do?

6. Their team colors are purple and white. Need I say more?

5. What is a Horned Frog anyway? It sounds made up to me

4. No other MWC mascots cause warts.

3. Children don't dissect Cougars, Utes or Rams in middle school biology.

2. The Collegian did some tests and even though it was close, a Wyoming Cowboy could indeed beat up a frog. (The cowboy did, however, try to eat the frog after the fight.)

1. No other MWC team openly admits how horny they are.

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