The More Informed You Are,

Nov 032005
Authors: Andy Weakland

Throughout my time here at CSU I have always been very passive in voicing my opinion about politics. Being a senior now, I feel that it is my duty to comment on the topic that has become very sensitive to the student body. A couple of events in the past few weeks have lit a fire under me, forcing me to break my silence.

The first event occurred during a focus group I attended for a project in my marketing research class. One of the more conservative guests tried to comment that we are at war with Iraq because Iraq attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. After he made this comment I had a revelation; the less informed a person is, the more likely they are to be strictly conservative.

Despite the fact that Iraq has never attacked the United States since they won nominal independence from Great Britain in 1932, this person was unabated and continued to debate his obscured reality.

My revelation was then confirmed a few days ago when I read a column in the Collegian where the author was infuriated about an example used by a marketing professor in class and tried to accuse the teacher, as well as the entire university, of preaching liberalism. What the columnist didn't know was that I was in the exact same class and despite his false claims the example the teacher used in class was informative and furthered the point of his lecture.

When the teacher playfully pointed out that the number 98 on the overhead represented the president's I.Q., it was supposed to be a lighthearted critique of the president who has an obvious reputation of mispronouncing words and even admitted in the third Presidential Debate of 2004 that "(Laura Bush) speaks English a lot better than I do. I think people understand what she's saying" ( If this is the case, then maybe we should have elected Laura Bush. At least she can speak English.

The truth is that nobody knows George W. Bush's IQ because he hasn't made that information public. But knowing that our president has a hard time speaking English and is guilty of a laundry list of lies including stating that Iraq tried to purchase significant amounts of uranium from Africa in his State of the Union Address in January of 2003 (, it's not hard to connect the dots.

It just seems to me that the reason conservatives keep complaining that higher education is more liberal is because they want to be misinformed. They prefer their talking points from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh rather then understanding the truth. It's not a coincidence that higher education tends to be more liberal. The more you learn and the more you are informed the more liberal you tend to be.

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