Stop the pot-praganda

Nov 032005

I found it disheartening and hypocritical that the Collegian's editorial board would back I-100, Denver's legalization of marijuana. After being at CSU for six years, I think it's time I, and those student's that feel as I do, voice another opinion even louder: "MARIJUANA IS FOR IDIOTS!"

Not only does the marijuana smoker suffer negative physical and mental consequences, but users of the drug are responsible for the deteriorating social environment in which we all have to live. By purchasing marijuana, users of the drug are funneling money into criminal activities that extend well beyond the user/dealer transaction.

Marijuana, like all drugs, can be linked to the most deplorable aspects of our society: murder, rape, abuse, violence, molestation, etc. In fact, an ounce of weed purchased in Colorado could have repercussions worldwide.

So, if you hippies are really advocates of world peace, stop doing drugs. Perhaps those editors of the Collegian are right, and the "brave new world" that I-100 hopes to establish is that utopian world in which the masses are sedated.

Chris Partridge


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