Nov 032005

To the guys who held open doors for me in Clark and the LSC yesterday… you're amazing. Keep it up, 'cause I really don't think you realize how much girls appreciate being treated like that. Thanks for making my day.

To the cute boy who gave me a penny at the Bagel place on Tuesday – thanks!!

To all the people who walk in the bike lanes: there is a reason they are there, for bikes – not for you to block bikers and possibly get hit by us. Talk about an inconvenience to avoid the sidewalks just to run into more pedestrians blocking bike traffic. Do squirrels make good pets?

I feel that there needs to be more Ramtalk posts. And instead of ramtalk this section should be called, "the most entertaining and best part of the paper."

I think the guy in the Nixon Pirate outfit had the best costume ever!!

To all the long boarders out there…keep up the good work! To all the pedestrians who see us coming and don't move…I hope you get taken out by ANGRY FLYING MONKEYS. And to all the bikers…so far you are in my good graces, but try and kick the idiots who won't move as you swerve by them.

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