Nov 032005

Tyler Wittman's article "Silly Arabs" was just amazingly bad. I know you're only a college newspaper, but even still you have to display some sort of professionalism. I don't expect you guys to be The New York Times. For the two years I have read it, the Collegian has been an absolute joke and I know not to expect too much. But Mr. Wittman's opinion article was just unreal. Not to insult someone who has written enlightening opinion pieces on hockey and At least Ryan Chapman is funny in his conservative buffoonery. Mr. Wittman rails against the "widespread racism and hatred that characterizes many Arab nations," then follows that by asking, "How about you all go blow yourselves up in the name of Allah?" This is stroke inducing not just for the fact that he just said "you all," but for the fact that he doesn't even realize how dumb that is.

Also, I don't know if this was only in the online version, but Qumran? Is this some secret spelling of Quran I don't know about or is he referring to that plateau in Israel? And most egregiously, does he really not know what an Arab is? Are all dark skinned guys with big noses Arabs to you? How does this get through the editorial process? Does the opinion page editor have something better to do than edit stories? Do you guys have a killer air hockey table in the newsroom that eats up all of your editing time?

Ian Skyler Brown



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