Nov 032005

Dear Mr. Chapman,

You never fail to incense me every Wednesday, but it's become entertaining – akin to watching monkeys at the zoo. Do you not think the fact that, in three years, you have encountered the kind of "liberal bias" that occurred recently only twice is some indication that maybe the problem isn't as rampant as you suggest? Maybe then your article, as usual, had little point, but ignoring this, you also had several incorrect statements.

The Lovenstein Institute does, at least as an entity, exist, and is as stated on their Web site a "think tank;" it's most likely only a Web site meant for satire and not something to be taken seriously, much like the joke your professor made. That's the point of humor you see: not to be taken seriously.

Further, you state that one's IQ has nothing to do with running the country, and name Nixon, Carter and Clinton as your "worst presidents in this country's history." You know, I really wish Jimmy Carter had been a war-mongering and selfish president too, because then maybe we could have gotten this whole "other countries having power" thing out of the way a lot earlier, and George would be following in a long and respected line of Truman-like bomb-droppers.

Finally, you embarrass yourself by calling the kind of education we receive "poor quality." If you don't like it you should leave, and then we wouldn't have to read your unnecessary and inflammatory articles every week.

Chris Jusell



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Nov 032005

Dear editors of the Collegian,

I have been a loyal reader of our university-sponsored daily press for more than three years now and an unfortunate reader of Ryan Chapman's weekly mockery of intelligent punditry for over a year.

I understand that his column is printed in the Opinion section of the paper and therefore has the right to deceptively opine on any matter that he desires, but please, quit continuing to disrespect the intellect of the Republican students on campus by making him the leader of printed, conservative thought at CSU.

I am, admittedly, a liberal, but not one of the straw man "tree huggers" that Ryan has been assaulting for over a year now. I enjoy engaging in open, logical discourse with students of adverse opinions, but Mr. Chapman's remarks fit neither of my previous two qualifications. In a piece titled, "Dear Democrats: Stop Trying to Kill People," he wrote, "We all knew that Democrats liked to kill people, what with their support of abortion and euthanasia…"

This is a baseless, hypocritical claim by a man whose party is the biggest proponent of the war in Iraq, which has caused the death of more than 2,000 American troops and countless innocent Iraqi civilians, and capital punishment. The claim of Democrats "trying to kill people" is not the only example of Ryan's ignorance, but given the guidelines of a 250-word letter to the editor, I am unable to combat the all of the ridiculous arguments made by Mr. Chapman.

In short, I call for the editors of the Collegian to choose a more knowledgeable, sophisticated pundit to write the conservative views next semester, giving the Republican students on campus more than a man who knows how to repeat GOP talking points.

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Smith


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