Nov 032005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Tolerance leads to understanding, which leads to acceptance.

We are proud that Fort Collins is tolerant of other cultures, and specifically today, Muslims.

But blind tolerance is only the beginning.

We encourage you to educate yourself about this culture, which, like so many others, has had to face negative stereotypes and prejudice because of an ignorant public.

Colorado is somewhat of an island, isolated from the rest of the world. A lack of obvious diversity contributes to our Western-centric way of thinking about the world, so we need to make extra efforts to bring that world of diversity to us.

Knowledge of a culture different from our own can help us grow as human beings. It is human nature to shun that which we do not understand, but we should fight through our comfort zone and expand our horizons.

Read today's front page for a great start to enlightenment.

If you find yourself rejecting an idea, a culture, a race or anything else, attend a seminar. Take a class. Google it.

This is the information age. There is no excuse to stay uninformed.

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