Waiting for Godot

Nov 022005
Authors: Danielle Yuthas

By Danielle Yuthas

Some were waiting for Godot; I was waiting for a plot.

The entire play is about two men waiting for a man named Godot. Not to spoil the ending, but he never comes. This could be the very point of the play.

As these two vagrants, Vladimir, played by senior Matt Murphy, and Estragon, played by senior Jesse Luken, wait, their lives happen. The audience has only a two-day window into their lives, but learns of their entire existence. The actors have good chemistry creating an endearing personal relationship between the characters.

The script, by notorious playwright Samuel Beckett, contains much reflection on life and it holds a time motif. Each day Vladimir and Estragon return to the same place to wait, find ways to pass time, meet interesting characters and even contemplate suicide. The monotony of everyday life continues when basically the same events recur the next day. They want to leave the spot where they wait for Godot, but they never do.

The play combines comic relief with deep thought. Depending on personal beliefs, there is a lot of symbolism that could be applied, especially of a religious nature. Meanwhile, the actors masterfully bring the audience an element of physical comedy.

"Waiting for Godot" is for an audience that enjoys the abstract and wants to leave the play piecing together its meaning.

2 out of 5 rams

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