To the Editor,

Nov 022005

There have been complaints regarding the policies of CSUPD, particularly with regard to bike enforcement.

The primary complaints criticize the strict interpretation of the law by those that enforce them, including a letter yesterday by Steve Pries who was cited for riding through mere feet of the dismount zone during a non-peak travel period.

The introduction to the CSU Bicycle Regulations states the goal of the program is to "provide a safe traffic environment so that all modes of transportation can coexist." The regulations provided and enforced in the code should work toward that ideal.

People like Mr. Pries have learned from experience that this introduction does not explain the full ideals envisioned by the department. Instead, the program is a vast corps of ever-present bike officers on tuition welfare attempting to necessitate their employment by issuing citations for offenses that may violate the letter of the law, but do little to injure the "safe traffic environment" that CSUPD explained in the regulations.

To CSUPD: if you want to make campus a safe place, then instruct your officers to make the campus a safe place.

However, setting up a payment transfer system from the general student population to a select group should not be the goal of a police organization.

Robert Wade



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