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We can all learn a great lesson from Robert Drost who wrote, "There is more to a flier than just a picture, there are words also." WOW! What great insight from one of our fellow students. According to Drost, words go with pictures and we should know that because we are "in college now." That must explain why I could never understand a single Bernstein Bears book.

This incredible insight was applied to the controversial referendums C and D flyer that was recently distributed around campus. Drost believes the flyer was not discriminatory and does not depict a lynching. To Drost: When was the last time you saw someone "hanging" from a tree and it was not a lynching? Just think about it for a minute.

I do understand the correlation between the title and the image of the flier. Regardless of the flier's intent, the image remains as extremely inappropriate. There are many other ways to illustrate the importance of the referendums.

To argue that the flier does not discriminate is completely ridiculous. Discrimination takes place anytime negative actions are exercised towards a particular group of people.

In this situation, the action was printing thousands of fliers that showed a black person hanging from a tree. If Drost removed his shades maybe he could see that the "dark figure" he saw is in fact a black person. Even if the person was not black, let's pretend he was white, the image was still extremely inappropriate and insensitive to a group of people that attend and work at this university. The historical connotations associated with this image remind African-Americans of scars that will never fade.

Drost believes Mr. Blumberg should have looked at the "entire picture" before making any conclusions regarding the flier. It appears that Drost, not Mr. Blumberg, violated this principle. Also, it would not hurt Drost to enroll in an ethnic studies class, in order to obtain a better understanding that the "dark figures" are called African-Americans by educated people. But of course he knew that because we are "in college now."

Ezra Aldern



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