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Nov 012005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The line in the front of the Lory Student Center extended out the door Tuesday. But students, faculty, staff and residents were not waiting for tickets to the next CSU football game; they were there to cast their vote in the 2005 statewide election.

After much discussion and debate regarding two of the most important ballot measures in recent history, Referendums C and D, it seems people were listening.

On an off-year election, Larimer County officials reported record voting rates: 56 percent. In the LSC's polling station, 1,699 voters made their voices heard.

Whether C and D pass or fail, we are proud to see voters out in force.

These numbers show us that people are paying attention. Compared to the 25,000 students on campus, the numbers could be greater. But it was good to see the line of people taking minutes from their day to make their voices heard. This shows that they care about the issues and the future of Colorado.



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