Nov 012005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

In my three and a half years at CSU I have heard a lot of talk about professors preaching their personal beliefs in the classroom. Many claim university professors are liberally biased and are somewhat responsible for the large number of left-minded voters in the college-aged demographic.

Still others argue however, this is merely a figment of conservative imaginations and there is no such bias in the world of Academia.

This is not a new argument and it probably doesn't surprise anyone to hear me mention this topic or to hear me say that I agree this bias exists. It may surprise some though that I have only encountered this on two occasions. One in a freshman history class where the teacher was so whacked out with liberal propaganda that no one paid her a second thought. The other was just last week in a four hundred level business class.

The latest incident occurred during a lecture on the standard distribution of samples. The professor put up a graph showing the distribution of IQ (intelligence quotient) and mentioned most college students are between 115 and 130. When asked by a student why the number 98 (well below average) was marked on the distribution the professor remarked "that is George Bush's IQ…which probably explains the last four or five years huh? Ha ha ha"

This comment was obviously upsetting to me and for three main reasons. One, this particular professor was lying. The e-mail that was forwarded around the country in 2001 that was the first source of this information stated the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pa. had determined President Bush's IQ after four months of study. The Lovenstein Institute doesn't even exist.

Two, this professor implied that Intelligence Quotient has something to do with your ability to run the country. Three of the highest presidential IQ's since World War II were Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and the pinnacle of presidential perfection Bill Clinton. I don't have to tell you that these were three of the worst presidents in this country's history. Two of the lowest IQ's were Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, so the theory that IQ is somehow related to presidential capacity obviously couldn't be further from the truth.

Third, this professor took time out of a 400 level marketing class to make these asinine comments. What exactly does the president's IQ have to do with marketing? If I wanted to hear about how big of an idiot President Bush is I could just tune into Air America and stop paying vast amounts of money to CSU.

Oh, and for those who are still curious, experts believe the president's IQ is somewhere in the 120's based on his SAT score and performance at Yale and Harvard.

Liberal bias is alive and well at CSU despite what the Young Democrats might tell you, and it reaches far beyond the survey classes of the Liberal Arts College. It is also not just the freshmen who are being subjected to this kind or poor quality education. So to all of my fellow students, beware; not everything you are taught is true and not everything you are taught is relevant. Then again, anyone with an IQ over 98 should have been able to figure that out on their own.

Ryan Chapman is a senior marketing major. His column runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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