Nov 012005

Let me know if I get this straight. It is wrong to use the passages within the 'Quran' to justify an ongoing resistance fight with a country exemplifying imperial aspirations, not unlike our own patriots, but perfectly fine to wage wars in the name of 'spreading democracy' or 'finding weapons of mass destruction' or 'because they were in cahoots with Al Qaeda' or whatever the catchphrase of the week is?

Tell me how does one fight a resistance without a military? I'm sure that if they had the means necessary they would fight their resistance in a more civilized manner with tanks, missiles, fighter jets and spy drones rather than bombs. Though I'm sure there would still be a significant civilian casualties on both sides.

Furthermore, those countries that speak out against Israel's occupation of foreign lands, their building of an apartheid wall and their systematic isolation of the land's native peoples in order keep them powerless that are the embodiment of Nazi Germany? Or is it simply that all countries, or should I say all people that tout rhetoric of racism and hatred, embody Nazis? But what power does racism and hatred have without fear? I am honestly curious, as I am interested in learning my doublespeak as quickly as possible. Maybe if I'm lucky the young republicans will make me an honorary lifetime 'lefty' mole in order to infiltrate the terrorist organizations of or NOIN. It must seem like a great shame to you, Sir, that territorial issues cannot be as easily resolved as the United States and the American Indians little spat. How did that happen again? Oh yeah, we gave them casinos and everything was gravy.

Perhaps these columns are intended as a distraction from the Hurricane Katrina federal response disaster, or the indictment of Tom Delay, or Lewis Libby, potentially Karl Rove, God willing. Most likely they are intended to keep us afraid. Whatever there task, I must commend your work. Without the distraction of bipartisan bickering, or sports for that matter, the public might actually learn and care what's happening to the world's people and thereby be incapable of apathy.

It is not that distracting the think-nots within this country is that difficult, watch FOX sometime; it's the picture of the raised eyebrow that accompanies all of your humorous editorials. "He must be thinking really hard!" If this working for Big Brother thing doesn't work out, maybe you could write comics on page nine. Smart as corn, hilarious!

Patrick Hume

CSU Alumni 2003

 Posted by at 6:00 pm

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