Nov 012005

I went to the UNM-CSU football game and while I was very happy we won, there were two actions from a CSU fan and player I witnessed that bothered me enough that I thought the rest of the university should be aware of it.

I was walking to the restroom when I passed by a Ram fan. I said, "Go CSU," and he responded to me, "Hey we're in the minority here, the WHITE minority," in a very loud voice. I actually am a native New Mexican and naturally took a lot of offense to this, especially because he practically shouted it. I felt ashamed someone from my school would say something like that. It was my home he was talking down to and I'm sure he didn't think he said anything wrong because I happened to be Caucasian.

The other event I saw happened right after we won. I was jumping around cheering and then stopped in my tracks when I saw what one of our players did. The CSU team was camped under the student section. Two girls wearing Lobo gear were getting up to go home when a CSU player grabbed a Gatorade bottle and threw it at them. When they turned around he proceeded to grab his crotch and scream profanities at the girls. Now you can call me an idealist, but screaming "Bring it on bitch!" at fans when you just won shows horrible sportsmanship.

I think CSU players and fans need to act with more integrity. All I know is I felt ashamed of CSU, which made the win feel almost empty. People who represent CSU, both the players and the fans, need to remember that acting without integrity affects our entire school. If we claim to value diversity, then don't mock the ethnic composition of another school and if we value pride in our sports teams, then we should act in a way that supports that pride.

Tanya Musgrave


political science

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