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Voters who cast their votes Tuesday at the Lory Student Center voted 90.3 percent in favor of Referendum C and 86.7 percent in favor of Referendum D.

Referendums C and D, two issues on the ballot that greatly affect higher education, health care and transportation funding, among other things, received the most attention from voters.

A total of 1,698 of the 1,699 voters cast their opinion on Referendum C and 1,468 on Referendum D.

For Adam Wehrle, senior health and exercise major, initiatives in Aurora could affect his future hopes of being a firefighter. These initiatives would allow for fire department expansion, hiring new firefighters and building new stations.

"If the (initiatives) don't pass, they don't hire any more firefighters," Wehrle said.

Others voted because of the potential effects the outcomes of C and D could have on their friends.

"I have a couple of friends who work in education. Basically if C and D don't pass, they're out of a job," said Matt Paul, senior accounting major. "C and D are important for future students. I'm a proponent of education. I think it is important to society."

Hillary Christensen, senior English major, worked as an adult caretaker for one year. She said she feared resource cuts to the disabled community if Referendums C and D fail.

"We need to add resources to that community because they are scare," Christensen said.

The other issue on the ballot bringing in votes across Fort Collins is Referendum 2A, which renews a quarter-cent sales tax increase. A total of 1,236 people voted on the issue with 77.5 percent in favor.

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