Nov 012005

Today I was stopped by a bike police officer for "riding in a dismount zone." The fact is I was getting onto my bike while going through the dismount sign onto a "bike legal" sidewalk. It was 3:45 p.m. and I was between Clark A and C. No students were even close to me while I began to ride. I understand, as Officer Sullivan explained, the bike cops at CSU are "only trying to do their job." The frustration comes into play when they are writing $15 tickets for something as harmless as getting onto your bike while rolling through a dismount sign leaving an illegal area. If the bike police want to do their job in serving CSU students, give tickets to the kids who ride bikes/skate boards/long boards through the plaza in the middle of the day risking the chance of harming another student.

To Officer Sullivan: Thank you for the ticket. You have discouraged me to ride my bike on or around campus. You have proven that no matter how much I want to think bike police are beneficial on this campus, in reality they are discouraging to students. You explained to me that the job you have as a bike police officer pays your tuition. Well I pay my own tuition also and you just took $15 from me for getting on my bike while crossing the sign into legal territory. My advice, give tickets to those who ride dangerously and put others in harm's way.

Steve Pries


social work

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