Oct 312005

This is in response to Jake Blumberg's opinion article, "Racist and tactless"

I don't understand how anyone could possibly look at the now famous "Referendums C and D" graphic intelligently and see a lynching poster, unless of course, you didn't look at it intelligently. Mr. Blumberg, you need to look at the entire picture before you start calling it "KKK material." If you actually look at the flier, above the drawing there is a quote, and if you read it correctly, it says, "Does CSU's Future Hang on Referendums C and D?" If you actually read this quote and apply it to the drawing, you'll see the "dark figure" is a CSU student and the flier is supposed to suggest that if we do not consider very carefully what we are voting for in the upcoming election, ALL CSU students, including you and me, will "hang" as a consequence. In absolutely no way, in any shape or form, is this flier racist.

The only possible way a person can even come close to believing this flier is discriminatory is if you just look at the picture and nothing else. In that case, I can understand how you can come up with that conclusion. However, you're in college now, you know there is more to a flier than just a picture, there are words also.

Robert Drost



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