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Oct 312005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

President Bush always fails to surprise us.

The president's last pick, Harriet Miers – Bush's lawyer crony who would have cut her judicial teeth in the nation's top court – was so ridiculous that even the Republican-controlled Congress wouldn't have confirmed her.

Watching her drop out must have been painful for Bush, after all the effort he spent finding a woman who agreed with all of his ideas. On several occasions, he even let Miers off of her leash and allowed her to run around for the cameras.

But Bush is not one to wallow in his setbacks. He now intends to replace Sandra Day O'Connor – the first female justice, known best for her vehement judicial defense of women's and minority rights – using his tried and true method.

He appointed an old, white man.

Samuel Alito, 55, isn't lacking in experience or credential. He has 15 years of experience on the bench. He's bright.

Alito is also extremely conservative and has a steadfast anti-abortion stance. Legal experts compare him to Justice Antonin Scalia, nicknaming him "Scalito."

Scalia would gladly overturn Roe v. Wade.

We believe that Bush's latest pick, though qualified, is not representative of our nation. Alito would not add a needed perspective to the nation's highest court.

America is comprised of more women than men and boasts an increasingly diverse population, yet women and minorities in the government are outnumbered and underrepresented.

The Supreme Court, thanks to Bush, may continue the trend. We'll be able to look at the court with the discomfort of knowing that those nine people who interpret the laws we live by aren't like us.

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