Oct 302005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

I've said it before and I'm hoping I can keep on saying it, Nicholas Cage is the blue ribbon winner for being the best actor that used to be the worst actor after already being the best actor. Make sense? Probably not, but what does matter, the man is incredible. That may completely destroy my reputation for some readers; I just ask you to try the Cage yourself, and attempt to forget "Face/Off."

One thing that may make him such a good guy these days is the diversity of the roles he plays seems to expand by the minute. Giving up the Ben Franklins and automatic weapons of "Lord of War," Cage relocates to the front of a green screen as Chicago-renowned weatherman Dave Spritz. Not only is he the main character of this peculiarly witty film, he's also the actual plot for the flick, as it focuses on him and his attempt to keep his life in order.

Life just doesn't come to easily for David though, and there are a lot of things trying to drag him through the gravel. His dad, played by Michael Caine, has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma and his future isn't looking too bright. His two kids are a constant handful with the son in marijuana rehab and his daughter's ignorance keeping the kids at school constantly heckling her.

As if that wasn't enough stress for your average day, his ex-wife is getting remarried to the wrong guy and won't stop bickering with Dave about his parenting techniques.

Gore Verbinski's directing is taking similar shape to Cage's acting, as every flick he does is in a completely different category from all the rest. With a history of "The Mexican," "The Ring," "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and two sequels to "Pirates…" in the future, he's certainly proven himself worthy in all the big Hollywood circles. It's going to be exciting to see what projects he'll conquer when he's done with Captain Jack Sparrow.

For fans of films like "Sideways" with a mixture of humor, drama and lots of insight on life, there is no doubt you'll like "The Weather Man." If Nick Cage is on your list to do away with, take Billy Madison's example and give him a second chance, he's really not that bad of a guy.

4 out of 5 rammers.

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