Oct 302005

Today those of us that are opposed to the Bush administration (and everything it stands for) lost an important battle. Harriet Miers, President Bush's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, withdrew her nomination to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Bush sent us a nominee that would be acceptable to most of the Democratic Party and a person who was truly moderate. Now because of this setback, impending Grand Jury indictments and poll ratings in the gutter, President Bush has no choice but run to the right, way right. This nominee was not opposed by liberal activists or Democrats, she was opposed by Christian conservatives within his own party. If we would have fought for his nominee, even a little bit, she would have been confirmed easily. Now we are going to be faced with an uphill battle against a nominee who will likely be far more conservative than Harriet Miers.

James C. Carlson

graduate student



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