Oct 302005
Authors: By Ryan Skeels

Are you like most of the moviegoers out there? Do you sit around all night weeping and moaning because all you want to do is watch a descent horror flick, and all that's on is the Urban Legend marathon? Do your roommates keep sticking in the same made-for-TV "Carrie" VHS? Here are a few selections that may help darken your Halloween Eve.

* "Braindead AKA: Dead Alive" – Takes the cake for the bloodiest movie in existence, or so rumor has it. This story of animal theft gone horribly awry is possibly the best movie Peter Jackson will ever create, easily bypassing all those lengthy Middle Earth flicks. If mowing the lawn has become a bore lately, this may teach you a few new tricks.

* "Cabin Fever" – Some may have turned the page upon seeing this on the list, but I'm telling you, the script writing is pure genius. The flesh eating virus couldn't look nastier, and the level of ballisticness Rider Strong achieves while wielding a sharp stick is just incredible.

* "Evil Dead 2" – It's true, the first one will always be the ultimate as far as the series goes, but numero two is a bit more over the top and outrageous, leading to a more intense first experience. How can you deny the excitement of Bruce Campbell sporting the most badass prosthetic limb to this day?

* "Re-Animator" -Jeffrey Combs, the crazy FBI agent from yet another Peter Jackson classic "Frighteners," is quite mad, using his chemistry skills to concoct glowing green dead-reviving goo. Nothing more needs to be said besides this flick takes number one for the best horror movie in existence. And I stand by my story.

* "High Tension" – This baby was released in France in 2003 and took its sweet time to trickle into the states, finally slashing a few screens this past summer. Talk about a slasher flick. It's filled with morbid deaths, amazing cinematography and plenty of intense scenes to help water your forehead.

* "Shredders" – This has got to be up there with the least watched flicks in the slasher genre. It's to the brim with terrible dialogue, horrible acting, amazingly corny but hilarious deaths, and just the overall classic formulaic horror. A great anti-snowboarder flick for sitting in the garage shivering brandishing your favorite beverage and unending laughs with a few friends.

* "Undead" – This one is another foreign horror from '03 that's finally made its way to the states via Australia. The infamous walking post-mortem people have arrived, followed by a species you'd never expect would want to help out. They say it's the most imaginative zombie flick since "Dead Alive."

* "Ichi the Killer" – If a brutally uncomfortable and strange movie is what you're looking for this weekend of terror, maybe this Japanese gangbangin' blood fest is the one. Ichi is one psychopath you don't want to mess with, seeing as how he slices his foes into bits with the blades on the soles of his boots. Yikes.

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