Oct 302005

I'm sorry but Megan you've got to be kidding me! First off with all the discussions taking place within our university on racial issues you have some nerve writing an article with reference to welfare, crack and abortion. Maybe you didn't come out and say it directly but all the signs were there that you were implying the black community, and the picture just helps to enforce the idea. Not only did I get the impression you were writing about a certain race but class and gender as well. You made some bold comments!

Honey, you need to do some serious research before you make such bold statements. In what way are tattoos and birthrights on the same level? Poor comparison.

As a female I want every right to have a baby and I don't want anyone telling me otherwise! If you start talking about regulating the female body then you're only enforcing the governments control over women, which in turn is oppressing rights as humans all together, regardless of color. So in what way can you justify regulating who can and can't reproduce? As women, we're already faced with inequalities that we're fighting to change. Do you just want to start that fight all over?

I'm sorry if this is a bit harsh but its people's lack of knowledge that can be so harmful. It's not just this article, there's racism all over our campus and frankly I don't want to be associated with that image. Maybe some of you do, but I think and believe others will agree that it's an issue we deal with everyday and aren't aware that we may be the ones causing it.

Why not educate these women who 'shouldn't' be procreating? Instead of just making stereotypical assumptions and trying to control a problem, why not look to solve the problem?

Anna Miaskiewicz


Speech communication

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