Campus Blotter

Oct 302005


Warrant arrest – individual contacted for a traffic violation had a failure to appear for a previous traffic violation.

Bike theft at the Industrial Science building – occurred on Oct. 24 between 1 and 3 p.m.

Theft from the Chemistry Plaza – a rear bicycle wheel was stolen.

Theft at Facilities building – a cell phone was stolen.

Lost wallet

Harassment at the Education Building – student leaving harassing notes for another student

Motor vehicle accident hit-and-run in Westfall Hall lot – vehicle hit a bicycle. The bicyclist got mad and kicked the car then rode off when the driver said they were calling the police.

Traffic cite for driving under suspension

Alcohol/drugs at Braiden Hall – student cited for underage consumption and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. He was then taken to detoxification.

Driving under the influence at Shields and Elizabeth streets

Alcohol in Ingersoll/Edwards Halls lot – student was cited for underage consumption

Disturbance at Ingersoll/Edwards Halls lot – report of a verbal disturbance, found two people arguing and six people watching. The two arguing were warned for the disturbance and one was cited for underage consumption.

Found contraband at Corbett Hall – small amount of marijuana found by staff and placed in evidence for destruction.

Medical at Durward Hall

Medical at Edwards Hall

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