To the Editor:

Oct 272005

Upon reading the article titled "Alleged racial image prompts uproar," I was appalled. This occurrence reveals that our society is not moving forward in regards to racial awareness. I mean this in that everyone is still fully aware of what color his or her skin is. How depressing it is that someone can look at a black and white illustration and assume that it is a "racial image" referring to the lynching of blacks. I am fully aware of our country's atrocious history when it comes to the toleration of people's race and that many people still hold negative racial views that should not be ignored. However, when it comes down to the universal symbol of a "hangman" becoming offensive, we are stepping out of bounds.

This is the same symbol drawn on blackboards across the country as elementary children play the popular spelling game. Obviously when used in certain context it does not connote lynching. The flier clearly asks, "Does CSU's Future Hang on Referendums C and D?" Try as I may I cannot force these words into having a racial undertone; however, it is extremely easy to relate the hanging of a person to the future of our school possibly "hanging" on these referendums.

Why can we not read a flier, take in its message and go on, rather than twisting it to refer to something completely off subject and insulting? The issue here is not a school organization being insensitive to blacks or uneducated about the country's history, but more so an issue of people being extremely too sensitive. Today, as America's people, we should be growing away from a shameful past, not attempting to relive it everyday by investigating insignificant things to the point that they become offensive. We should be able to look at a political flier, no matter what color your skin may be, read it, take in the obvious intended message and go on with our lives.

Suzanna Thomson


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